In-Home Cybersecurity Assessment

  • Check your firewall and/or router to ensure it is correctly configured, has the latest firmware version installed, and using the latest WiFi encryption. Verify default passwords have been changed to complex passwords and we’ll secure and/or disable any remote access that is configured on the firewall and/or router.

  • Check your desktops and laptops to ensure you have the latest security patches and Operating System updates.

  • Check that you are backing up your data on a regular basis and that the data is stored off-site or in a secure encrypted cloud.

  • Check to ensure you are using an updated browser and to disable any old “at risk’ protocols like SSL and TLS 1.0. + TLS 1.1for safe internet browsing.

  • Check to make sure your Antivirus is current, configured correctly and is set to conduct regular scans.


Digital KeepSafe now provides IT Services and Cybersecurity Solutions for the residential environments.
We strongly encourage you take advantage of our in-home Cybersecurity Assessment. It is very cost effective and designed to safeguard your home to help protect your financial, medical and private information.

See below what is included and the other In-Home IT Services we provide.  Don't wait - Call today  at (918)-550-8082 for scheduling and pricing.   Or email us at

          In-Home Residential IT Services

Firewalls, WiFi Routers, Computers, Printers

  • We install, configure, and support these devices and ensure your existing equipment is properly configured to safeguard your home.

VPN Services - Protects Your Privacy

  • Shields your Internet activity from hackers and malware Protects you on public Wi-Fi networks
  • Blocks annoying ads. 
  • Double VPN for even more security
  • Works on PC's, MAC's, Tablets, Smart Phones

 Document Scanning:

  • Let us do it  -  We can do this for you on a regular basis, you tell us how often.
  • You can do it - We can get you setup with a scanner, teach you how and be there to assist you if needed.

Microsoft Office 365:

  • We sale, install, and support Microsoft Office 365.
  • This is email with optional products like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and One Drive.
  • We use Office 365 in our own company

Cloud Storage Solutions:

  • We can install and configure various popular cloud products like, Microsoft OneDrive (Personal version), or Sync.
  • These are secure encrypted cloud storage solutions perfect for uploading important documents, and Pictures.

Antivirus and Data Backup Solutions:

  • You may not even have to pay for this. Some Internet Service Providers like Cox include free Antivirus in their Internet packages.

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